Baustelle gematik - Dezentrale, lokale Lösungen sind gefordert

Es fehlt eine Betrachtung, die das Risiko für eine zentrale Speicherung verständlich macht und dezentrale Lösungen fordert. Als Fachmann aus der IT unterschrieb ich den Arbeitsvertrag bei der gematik aus Kritik zu ihrem Datenschutz gegenüber nicht. Es ist nicht so nett eine Richtlinie an die Ärzte herauszugeben, die der gematik ein Datenmonopol auf Patientendaten ermöglicht.

The Better Keyboard for iOS

During the recent 30th Chaos Communication Congress, where a lot of tech enthusiasts come together, I had a talk with people complaining about the keyboard in iOS. We talked about the possibilities to improve typing and it came out, there is a built-in text checker and unified protocols for text inputs in iOS. We then began a prototype together, which improves the iOS keyboard and text handling significantly. This turned into a project, which was my free time project for the last month. Read More...

Scripting Languages of the Fourth Generation

Coffeescript is a mighty language
Why Python and Coffeescript are not given justice calling them scripting languages but instead should be seen as higher programming languages of the fourth generation: In the past weeks I have investingated the power of scripting languages and I want to share some insights with you to clean up with some prejudices about them. Read More...

Inside the Sales Process

It was an awesome week for Worldcup Planner, No. 2 of sales after the first night sales and we finally climbed top of the German iPad Appstore. And the trend really seems to show upwards by the time, the national teams win the World Cup games. What’s gonna be next? Read More...

Worldcup Peak Preview

The Soccer Worldcup 2010 is approaching quite fast, that’s why we don’t want to let you wait. During your waiting time, we made an App to shorten you the last minutes before the whistle. But don't worry, we would not be Pragmatic Programmers if we would just leave it by that. It's also the most easiest and exciting solution on the market, that's just made for the iPad. So why's that? Let's get out of the stash and take a look at it. Read More...

Getting the hands on it

It‘s still a secret, but in one week it will be no cloudwatching or mindstorming any more, it will be merely reality. It‘s overdue, cause there is no such thing in the AppStore yet and, when I made the storyteller, I got a lot of appreciating community members, who already know the truth and were adoring our work, truly fans and aficionados for the one thing we did. There were also some with harsh war stories, but dudes, so is it, let the people clamor! Read More...