Inside the Sales Process

It was an awesome week for Worldcup Planner, No. 8 of sales after the first night sales, No. 2 after one day and now we finally climbed top of the German iPad Appstore. And the trend really seems to show upwards by the time, the national teams win the World Cup games. What’s gonna be next? If Germany loses the next games, it will be a desaster for Appstore sales, I guess. And so it goes now, it simply seems to be a game with circling loss and gain.

Here is a short digest of the time tables, we set ourselves to push the iPad App to the Appstore. Currently, I really have a great time with my friends in San Francisco now and still not really realize what happens out here (this will immediately start tomorrow during my flight back to Germany) and I cannot deny, how we enjoy the luck, that the feeling for having a simple but smart App Design really succeeded. But that all did not just grew up on a causeless ground. We started our development just three weeks ago and really set us timeframes for most important features during each step of iterative design of the App (which already was described here). And we had a hard phase of bugtesting during the last week, I really just can tell, but believe it, it is too true. And what came out was a clear and thorough design.

The Appstore request for approval was a real pain, we handed the App in at the end of May and after twelve days were over, we did not get any message by Apple employees. Thank god, being at the WWDC 2010, we tried to push the Appstore guys hardly. And I can just really recommend, if you want to know how the Appstore Approvals work, come here. I got a lot of insights and finally, they assured me to get our App into the store as fast as possible. After two refusals because of infringements of FIFA® trademark terms we finally got approved, when I told the Appstore lady that our sweat and pain flew into this App. So they reobserved the App in a timeframe of just two to three hours each time. Otherwise it would have costed us at least one more week to get the App reapproved, this is a real pain, because it is so untransparent all in all, so a brief call to Apple, please make this a more lucent process at all.

And finally I give a short but thorough critic to all the Blogs and iTunes Reviewers out there, who call themself App-Guardians. It is really too true, that many of them are either simply lazy to feature Apps of not huge but thorough designed Apps or are just not willing to put themselves in, what users really want. And as we see by our Betting Planners App, it is really not the more features users want, but it is a clear and smart user interface to keep an overview and a fast-to-use tool to open, use and close again. And here the bloody truth, we wrote to many blogs out there to feature the App, nobody did, but in the end the users really decide on themself what’s good and what’s not. So I just tell out of my experience, and that tells me, you get featured if you have relations to these blogs, and we did not have the relations a priori. But in the end, thank god, the users decide on their own.

Product Page: We made a product page, for getting more information about the content visit You can find the App on iTunes.
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