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Getting the Hands on it

Maybe you have heard about it, maybe not. It‘s still a secret, but in one week it will be no cloudwatching or mindstorming any more, it will be merely reality. It‘s overdue, cause there is no such thing in the AppStore yet and, when I made the storyteller, I got a lot of appreciating community members, who already know the truth and were adoring our work, truly fans and aficionados for the one thing we did. There were also some with harsh war stories, but dudes, so is it, let the people clamor! So bloody fact is, that we are working hard to release it until the 28th of May.

Everyone I tell about it, seems to know better, what such an App should do. But no guys, keep it simple. For reasons of complexity a lot of users resigned promising Apps like the Wall Street Journal iPhone App as well as Google and the original iGTD solution for the Mac (I was a long bonded user to it because I believed in the potential) and so on. And if you all will try out this soon published App and if we only get enough users, we will surely bring instant regular updates during the next crucial month. We hope that the shout will be high enough and that we will proceed, and it will be, I‘m sure! And we want you to know, that we develop the App for you, for the user, so please don‘t hesitate to make feature requests later. It should only be in the scope of the project and must be realizable.

iPad Waterside
iPad Waterside

I know what pressure the status brings to be a German release App and to be simultaneously even be interesting for the other worldwide release markets for the 28th of this month. But god, this makes us even better and lead us to battles, how we de-complicate things for you all, ain‘t it? Our designers, yes we really have them, tried their best to keep up with expectations. You should have seen how our discussions went. Just one guy who dropped in „This surely would be a nice feature, but grannies will not understand“ lead us to let him outbid us others and to keep this feature out.

Just imagine, for a lot of people, enthusiasts and aficionados this will be their first third party iPad App, maybe even the first App on their first computer, so let‘s be honest. The impression must be awesome, this simply HAS to be an experience and a fun to use. And this is no App for developers or designers like there are unhappily currently many Apps outside there. It‘s rather an App for the everyday‘s user, for Robert watching TV, Anna using the iPad (wasting timePad) to be up to date, but it is not Hans designing Interfaces or Sakhi making coding monkey‘s work. This mindset does not lead us anywhere, when even we creators barely understand these features. It‘s pure housekeeping, so we keep our house clean (even if mine currently looks like really messed during hardcore design, discussion and development).

Another thing is the release date that is due soon. It‘s no easy or strolling upkeep to release an App within one and a half week. So we will focus first on the core features. That‘s why we left out a Portrait mode completely for now and will deliver our truly nice add-on voting screens later on. And even if you argue with us. This features would lead us to delays, though they are just a wonderful thing to have. And we promise, we will deliver them, if the success is only high enough. But first, we do what the user wants, and he wants to use the App, extract and consume the information, directly how it is supposed to work. And you will see in one week how it is supposed to. Keep up, Alexander.

Update: We really hate this gut of people utilizing their users as beta testers or developers, making their Apps raw iron unprecedented for any use. We want to keep away from that timewasters, and that really is, what we want to avoid. So as I supposed and as appreciated by many we keep the features simple. Later next week, we will release a lot of promo codes, to let you first see the App and how it truly works, see our Twitter account @AdamasVision, my private Twitter account @tonqa and this page to stay informed.