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The Better Keyboard for iOS

During the recent 30th Chaos Communication Congress, where a lot of tech enthusiasts come together, I had a talk with people complaining about the keyboard in iOS. We talked about the possibilities to improve typing and it came out, there is a built-in text checker and unified protocols for text inputs in iOS. We then began a prototype together, which improves the iOS keyboard and text handling significantly. This turned into a project, which was my free time project for the last month.

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Getting the Hands on it

It‘s still a secret, but in one week it will be no cloudwatching or mindstorming any more, it will be merely reality. It‘s overdue, cause there is no such thing in the AppStore yet and, when I made the storyteller, I got a lot of appreciating community members, who already know the truth and were adoring our work, truly fans and aficionados for the one thing we did. There were also some with harsh war stories, but dudes, so is it, let the people clamor!