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Festival review

Who can take away the annual festival enthusiasm? A few insights into and impressions of the festival and insights from the hustle and bustle.

Yes, we festival visitors, insatiable people, enthusiastic and frugal.. one would have thought that the concerts alone would make one sweat, it would be the high point, indeed the ecstatic expression of our private life. but once or twice a year you are taken on a hike to more distant, more remote landscapes to honor a much longer-lasting and more vile hobby.

this is where the highfield has acquired a permanent place in our hearts over the last few years. even if the musicians stabbed us in the back this year. we still had our fun.

here one asks oneself what the festival actually brought us in the end apart from sweat and stress. yes, be it the atmosphere, the beauty of the reservoir or even the mostly relaxed way we festival-goers get together, one thing remains certain: the absolute certainty of having regained some of the freedom that lies within us. there are also a few festival visitors who often go beyond the strict rules and take freedom far more seriously than others would wish.

so it only remains for me to say thank you to all my friends, especially to my good flo and tom, but also to my friends at home, philipp, christian, steffen and oliver, who made the festival a success.